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MipTags moves information from
print marketing to digital engagement.
Only get the exact information without
the clutter of other ads and information.

Secure Search

MipTags never sells individual data
Perfect network for advertisers
Great for families & education

Rewarding Education

App-Raiser™ is an easy fundraiser.
Fundraising for life in the 21st century.
Education and students earn rewards.

About MipTags

Mobile Information Post Tags - Direct Search Technology

MipTags is a Family Ad Network Service and technology that securely moves information from print marketing to digital engagement. Our direct search technology gives you only the search results requested from the Tag. See the MipTags logo, and enter the tag beside it, now you move information offline to online directly and instantly. Unlike most search engines advertisers pay us to not have to compete with other competitors via ad words and popups that could confuse you. MipTags is like the readable QR code for humans or the natural evolution of Hashtags.

MipTags is a secure technology created by parents for parents, students and schools. Our technology ensures that what you are searching for is the only thing that you will see. In todays online environment protecting young eyes from things they should not see is important to us and crucial in school and business enviroments.

The parent company Family Ad Network Service (FANS) is dedicated to giving back to students and education. We give redeemable points from sponsored MipTags searches to schools and students as a free easy fundraiser. MipTags works with 1000’s of schools in multiple countries to send family friendly print solutions that parents can connect with to help raise funds for education and scholarships.


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Reviews About Us

Local PTG President

We love working with a solution that is kid and family friendly.

Mr. Weeks

FANS and the MipTags solution is perfect for helping our school reach it goals with a 21st century fundraising solution.

Mrs. Noteworthy

Finally a fun fundraising solution that does not cost me anything. I love how I can redeem points for scholarships or school supplies for my child.

Dr. Miller
Assist Superintendent

A 21st century, safe solution that allows every parent to engage in no matter what their economic situation is. This is the evolution of BoxTops for education.

Mr. Ryan
2nd Grad Teacher

The kids love finding new educational games to engage with. They get a chance to engage in technology that is their future. MipTags is like a free Ebates for search results.

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Students & Families


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MipTags can be used to help market and connect you or your business directly. Use MipTags for marketing your service, business or apps on billboards, TV, radio and print marketing. Visit our parent company Family Ads Network Service to build your campaign for MipTags fundraisers advertising.

Frequently Asked Questions

We love questions

What is a MipTag?

A MipTag is a Mobile Information Post Tag. It is a secure and readable Tag that humans can understand that moves information from offline services like billboards, flyers, radio and TV directly to your mobile device.

Why is MipTags a secure search engine for students, families and schools?

MipTags search delivers exactly what you are looking for without the clutter of other ads popping up. Unlike other search engines, the paid MipTag is the only keyword you that populates.

Can anyone have a MipTag?

If you would like to own a MipTag please visit our parent company to acquire a MipTag. Vanity MipTags prices start out at $9.99 a year. Visit Familyadsnetwork.org for more details.

How often can students redeem points from the school fundraiser?

Points maybe redeem on the May 15-25 and Dec 15-25.

How often can schools redeem points from the Fundraiser?

Points will be redeemed every quarter as long as the account has $20 usd.