Official MipTags Fundraiser Rules

MipTags is designed to connect you with print and offline marketing directly and securely. We reward schools and the students of your choice with rewards points for connecting with select advertisers. Schools earn cash back for search & actions. A student that you sponsor can redeem points earned for gift cards or scholarship checks.


  1. Reward points are clearly noted in the description of the MipTag.
  2. All purchases, downloads, or sweepstakes must be accessed through the MipTags app in order to receive credit.
  3. 1 point = 1 US cent at the time of redemption.
  4. Rewards for items purchased will be credited to your account once proof of purchase has occurred and no returns within 30 days have been registered from the merchant.
  5. Downloaded services or apps must be downloaded from an official app store via the MipTags search engine.
  6. Credit for those activities will happen after 7 days of the app or service being confirmed downloaded, opened, and tried.
  7. A user may only receive credit one time for connecting with items that are not purchase related.
  8. Users may change their sponsored school twice a year.
  9. Users may redeem their points once they have 500 points.
  10. Scholarship checks must be made out to a school in the care of an enrolled student.
  11. Any found abuse, cheating or manipulation of the system will result in a loss of all points and a user account being banned from the platform.
  12. Rules may be changed in the future or as needed. Notification will be sent out to users when any rules change.